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Pre-Employment Services

Community Based Assessment

Work based learning experience

Skill Building & Soft Skills Training

Career/Vocational Exploration

Job Placement & Development  

Job placement and development services offer a Bridges Employment Services & Training Job Developer to work one on one with the  individual to help them gain employment. The job developer will attend an intake to see what skills, abilities and interests an individual is looking for in employment.

The job developer will also accompany the individual on job search, filling out applications and attending any interviews. Once a job has been offered for employment, a job placement plan will be written to supply any supports needed for individual to maintain a successful employment.

Work Based Learning

Work Based Learning Experience is a job internship that helps the individual(s) with work habits, skills and abilities in a work environment.  A WBLE assessment time period is decided from a referral from MRS (Michigan Rehabilitation Services) and may vary from 2-6 weeks; 4 days a week; 4 hours a day, depending on individual's IPE (Individuals Plan of Employment). 

The individual will also be assigned a trained job coach who will monitor and document their work performance the entire time the client is working. Should it be necessary, the job coach will be able to assist in ensuring that the assigned tasks are performed.

ACS Vocational Programs receive referrals from the agencies listed below.  If currently  not receiving    services from an agency listed below, please click on the website link. 

You may call ACS at any time if you need help connected with one of the agencies.

1.LEO - Bureau of Services for Blind Persons ( Bureau of Services for Blind Persons provides a range of services to help individuals who are blind or visually impaired achieve their goals and live independently. From vocational rehabilitation to assistive technology, the bureau is committed to empowering individuals with visual impairments.

2. MCCMH – Macomb County Community Mental Health Macomb County Community Mental Health provides a wide range of mental health services to individuals and families in Macomb County. From counseling and therapy to crisis intervention and support groups, MCCMH is dedicated to promoting mental wellness and recovery.

3. LEO - MRS for Individuals ( Michigan Rehabilitation Services provides a variety of services to help individuals with disabilities achieve their employment goals. From vocational rehabilitation to assistive technology and job placement services, MRS is committed to helping individuals with disabilities overcome barriers to employment.

4. Oakland CHN, MI | Official Website: The Oakland County Health Network is a collaborative effort between health care providers, community organizations, and government agencies to improve the health and well-being of Oakland County residents. From primary care and behavioral health services to substance abuse treatment and wellness programs, the Oakland CHN is committed to promoting health equity and access to care.
Clothing Store

All-Ways Care Services Inc. would like to invite everyone to our Community Open Closet. 


Individuals in need can feel free to visit and browse our selection of new and gently used apparel & accessories. 

Feel free to take what you need.

Stop on by!

Donations are not required, but always appreciated.

Vocational Program
51145 Washington Street Suite A
New Baltimore, MI 48047


Hours of Operation:
Monday-Thursday 9 am-3pm

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